Black Suns/ Zwarte Zonnen


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Author:Sentini Grunberg

Black Suns/ Zwarte Zonnen gaat over twee zussen

Meet two melanin sisters who turn out to be superheroesAfro science fiction story for kids ages 8 to 12

Black Suns is a powerful story about sisterhood, superpowers and developing your inner strength. Themes that are known throughout Black Afro Culture all over the world like; premonitions, predictive dreams and communicating with our ancestors, are part of this magnificent science fiction story. Also future technology like gauntlets, cryo-beds and superpowers such as levitation and sound-bending are elements that take the readers into another world.

The lead characters are two sisters Makeena (14) and Alana (8). They live on a distant planet Zion in another galaxy. Zion is very different from earth, there are two suns in the sky instead of one. Unfortunately a disaster happens causing the whole planet to go in lockdown. The sisters suddenly have to adapt to a new lifestyle and experience mysterious adventures with strange creatures. Causing them to create a stronger bond with each other than ever.

Alana was surprised by the news. She was watching it on her gauntlet. The news reporter said: “we have been attacked by an unknown storm from space.” The reporter stood outside and pointed at the sky while looking confused. This scared Alana a bit. She asked her sister: “Makeena, what is happening? Why do the people on the news look so frightened?” Makeena told her sister to just keep watching. Because even Makeena did not know what was going on and as the older sister she needed to figure it out fast. Their parents were on an important mission to another planet and she already had a big responsibility watching her little sister while they were away. The fact that this disaster was happening made Makeena even more anxious. Although her cousin Zior and his mom aunt Irida were helping out, she still felt the responsibility – of keeping her sister safe – looming on her shoulders…

Black Suns is the world’s first bilingual Afro Science Fiction Children’s book. Each chapter can be read either in English or in Dutch (Nederlands).


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