Holding space


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In a world in which many are suffering from being alienated from others, from Earth and from themselves, Aminata Cairo shows us that it is not only necessary but possible to weave relations across the dominant differences that keeps us apart, isolated and against others. She shows us how it is possible in practice to overcome the seemingly insurmountable divides of race, class and gender; she also teaches us how to cultivate love within the white walls and lifeless instrumentality of institutions. Not very often one has the opportunity to learn how to mentor and work with young people. In Holding Space, Aminata Cairo holds us to learn how to intertwine our call as educators and mentors with our personal stories and those from whom we learned to listen to that call. In each of the lessons that are shared in this book, we found ourselves while sensing the sacred space that is held for us and for the love-work that is required for that. Aminata Cairo expands and in doing so she invites us to follow her as a teacher, mentor, storyteller, social activist, and artist… Gran tangi Aminata Cairo, may this be the path in which many of us converge. Rosalba Icaza, International Institute of Social Studies and Rolando Vazquez, University College Roosevelt



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